Roy Proctor Lifetime Achievement Award

1973-74 PNWD Past Governor Roy Proctor Salem, Or
Roy Proctor was a highly respected member of the Pacific Northwest District, from the Optimist Club of Salem. Roy`s abilities as an orator were enjoyed by all when he made presentations. He and his wife Blessing were welcomed as friends wherever they traveled. He was a natural leader, not only in Optimism, but also in the insurance industry as a member of the Oregon Insurance Commission.
In his honor this award was developed by members of the district who also thought it fitting that he be one of the first recipients, and was awarded at a district meeting in Salem, Oregon. The award has been given to members of the district, nominated by their peers, who have stretched to achieve excellence for our district.

Charter Members (2003)
Roy Proctor §
Bud Aune
R.W. (Stub) Clarkson
John Dodge §
Robert (Bob) Estergaard §
Robert (Bob) Folsom §
Hal Griffin
John Hasstedt §
James Jensen §
David Morrison §
Earl Pollock
Ilene Rounsefell
George Santo §
Bill Schlickheiser §
Jim Slauson
Annette Smith
E. Duane Smith
Gordie Stringham §
Roger Thordarson
Doug Wilson §

2004 Recipients
Ross Matthews §
Peter Smith

2005 Recipients
Ray Hilts

2006 Recipients
Carol Gross §
Jean Jensen
Mazie Schlickheiser

2007 Recipients
Adele Heinrich
Rocky Jackson

2008 Recipients
Arlen Hollinshead
Jerry Sheetz §
Wayne Bohrn §
Dick Brodie

2009 Recipients
Gay Enyeart

2010 Recipients
Stephen Andersen §
Michael Gray

2011 Recipients
Fred Wallace §
Charlie Kissler

2012 Recipients
Dyan Graybeal
Bill Garcia
Bill French

2013 Recipients
Al Kersey
Chris Stearns

2014 Recipients
Mary White

2015 Recipients
Teresa Wallace

2016 Recipients
Robin Stanhope

2017 Recipients
Rose Brodie

2018 Recipients

2019 Recipients

2020 Recipients

2021 Recipients

2022 Recipients

2023 Recipients

Award Requirements

  1. Having given at least 10 years of service to the District, which does NOT need to include having served as a district officer; AND
  2. Having built a new club or having consistently brought in new members over their Optimist career or having served as District Foundation Representative; AND
  3. Having provided inspiration and motivation to fellow Optimists.

The award is intended to honour a living individual, or individuals, rather than to be a memorial award. However, the award may be presented posthumously if the honoree passes away after having been selected but before receiving his award.

Nominations for this award shall be solicited by the selection committee from member clubs, with the committee having the authority to consider any potential recipient whether that person is nominated by a club or by a member of the selection committee. Written nominations are to be in the hands of the selection committee chair no later than May 1st of each year. The names of the proposed recipients shall be circulated to all previous honorees, via electronic mail whenever possible or failing that, by regular mail at least 10 days prior to the Third Quarter Conference.

Nominations shall be solicited by way of the District Newsletter, Website and time shall be provided at all conferences for the selection committee to promote the award.

The selection committee shall meet during the Third Quarter Conference to choose the award recipient and should any member be unable to attend said conference, they may submit their choice via electronic mail or regular mail, to reach the committee chair prior to the third quarter conference. Recipients must have 2/3 votes cast, there could be 1 or more recipient or may not have a recipient.

The award shall be presented at the Governor's Banquet during the District Convention.

§ = Deceased